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Today’s businesses need partners who can talk about strategy and technology in the same conversation.
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Jiva consulting provides you with a full-time Recruiter who works off-site from our offices for a flat monthly fee.

Our recruiters will qualify the candidates by conducting initial telephone interviews regarding the necessary job essentials. We will also match the job descriptions with the candidates' skill sets and post the jobs on behalf of our clients. Our recruiter does all of the basic work, so out clients can take care of more important business such as getting new clients and completing more job orders.

All of our recruiters are experienced and well qualified with excellent computer skills, and knowledge of all the skill sets and domain expertise. They have expertise in using all the leading job boards like Monster, Dice, Career Builder, Computer jobs, Hot Jobs, search engines, user clubs, forums, alumni, associations, directories, conferences/seminars, and related industry specific job portals. We have a very professional team of experienced and highly trained recruiters.

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