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Today’s businesses need partners who can talk about strategy and technology in the same conversation.
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Jiva consulting Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution allows you to develop communications with your downstream customers, at the same time building tighter relationships with your upstream vendors.

Currently with ever changing market conditions and increased competition, Supply chains need to constantly cope up with the challenges to streamline their operations, lowering the cost and be more responsive to market and industry changes. Jiva consulting supply chain solution is robust and flexible to handle demands from across the supply chain. By using our supply chain methodologies, it is possible to efficiently plan, source and fulfill one customer order at a time across the entire supply chain.

Our team has sound knowledge and experience in several aspects of the supply chain like supply chain planning, procurement, inventory control, distribution and logistics, warehousing, supply chain integration and optimization.

Our systemic process and proven methodology helps customers reap various benefits:

    • Reduced total cost of ownership
    • Increased speed of rollouts
    • Better quality of implementations
    • Improved functioning of the supply chain
    • Zero loss of business cycle
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